.:Support Your Local Non-Profit Library


Here at Clark Memorial Library, a non-profit organization, we need your financial support so that we can continue to provide you with new, exciting reading and research materials. The Library receives a majority of its operating funds from the Town of Richmond and the State. The remainder of our funding comes from fundraising events and from our annual appeal. By making a contribution, you will become a member of the Clark Memorial Library Association. As a member, you will receive our newsletter detailing current and upcoming events. books
Please take a moment to support the Library by filling out, printing, and mailing the Donation Form. Thank you in advance for the support.

Make a Gift

Are you looking for something different to give someone on a special occasion? Why not donate a book to the library in honor of that person? We will buy the book of your choice or pick one out and put a decorative book plate in it commemorating the person or event. If you are interested in doing this, please talk to one of the staff.

Used Books

The library holds periodic book sales. For a short time before the book sale, we accept used books in good condition.We do not accept text books or Readers Digest Condensed. Ask a librarian to find out when you can next drop off books- please do not drop off outside the building when we are closed.